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Watch Out for that Sake Bomb!

March 4, 2012

Beer and sake, ready for that sake bomb?


For seafood lovers, Toyo Sushi is a great place to be, especially from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. The happy in happy hour returns during this time in Torrance, Calif.

They offer 50 percent off on all drinks from beer to sake to soju. The appetizers and a sushi combo are also present for customers for a cheaper price during these hours to fulfill their hunger. This sushi restaurant is an alcohol melting pot, including beers from Japanese beer and sake to Korean beer and Soju. But of course, a Japanese meal can never go wrong with a sake bomb.

Toyo Sushi is more of a family bar restaurant for those who want to enjoy spending time with their family, while drinking some alcohol. Unlike other sushi bars, it has a luminous atmosphere, where both adults and kids can enjoy the variety of rolls and food they offer.

The ladies greet the customers with a joyous, “hello” which could never go wrong. Customers have an option to either sit at the bar to greet and converse with the sushi chef or to sit at a table to have quality time with their company.

Although they do not offer draft beer, cool bottles of beer can never go wrong with sushi and rolls.

Give Toyo Sushi a try and customers will be coming back for more during happy hour with a big smile on their faces!

Japanese food in a friendly atmosphere.


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