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Food on Sticks and Some Alcohol!

Free tofu appetizer

Food on sticks, also known as Yakitori in the Japanese culture, is food that goes best with alcohol. There are different types of food to choose from, which the cook grills on a charcoal grill in the kitchen. During the happiest happy hour, any yakitori is 20 percent off of its original price.

Izakaya Ryozanpaku, also called Ryo, is located in Torrance on Pacific Coast Highway, it is located in the same plaza as AMC and hidden in the corner. Izakaya is a Japanese drinking establishment, which serves a variety of food to accompany the drinks.

Ryo is one of the only restaurants open until 2 a.m. everyday, making it available for drinkers to enjoy their happy hour prices late at night. Aside from the Yakitori, beer is also $5 off its original price. They have a variety of pitchers from Kirin to Blue Moon and other bottled beer as well.

This Japanese joint is very unique because they have all different kinds of food. They have sushi, sashimi, grilled food, fried food and also Korean style food as well. If people cannot decide a specific type of Japanese food they want to eat with their drinks, everyone will be satisfied at Ryo.

So take a drive to Ryo and enjoy a variety of food in one seating at an alcohol friendly environment!


Welcome to Meat Lovers’ Paradise

“Sake bomb, sake bomb!” This phrase will probably be the first to hear when customers enter to enjoy some sizzling barbecue at Gyu-Kaku.

Gyu-Kaku is a Japanese barbecue, best known for its cheap meat during happy hour. They have different hours for happy hours: Monday all day, Tuesday through Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. to closing, which is at 11:30 p.m.

They have one of the best happy hour prices for everything from drinks, appetizers, and courses to different kinds of meat. The best thing about Gyu-Kaku is that they show the difference between the original prices and happy hour prices.

Customers can save a lot of money when they have special events with a lot of people in their party. Vegetarians, meat lovers and appetizer loves are all welcome because there are so many options to choose from.

Meat lovers get to cook their own meat on a charcoal grill and decide how they want their meat cooked; rare, medium or well done. People will not have to fight about how they want their meat cooked because each person gets his or her own tongs.

Gyu-Kaku is known for its Japanese barbecue grilling, but it also has mix of famous Korean food, such as Bibimbap and Kimchi.

People can enjoy great food and a variety of drinks for an unforgettable night at Gyu-Kaku!

It’s time to party at Gyu-Kaku!

Photos by: Sera Kim

Hear the sizzling from the grill calling your name!

Video by: hearce01

Watch Out for that Sake Bomb!

Beer and sake, ready for that sake bomb?


For seafood lovers, Toyo Sushi is a great place to be, especially from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. The happy in happy hour returns during this time in Torrance, Calif.

They offer 50 percent off on all drinks from beer to sake to soju. The appetizers and a sushi combo are also present for customers for a cheaper price during these hours to fulfill their hunger. This sushi restaurant is an alcohol melting pot, including beers from Japanese beer and sake to Korean beer and Soju. But of course, a Japanese meal can never go wrong with a sake bomb.

Toyo Sushi is more of a family bar restaurant for those who want to enjoy spending time with their family, while drinking some alcohol. Unlike other sushi bars, it has a luminous atmosphere, where both adults and kids can enjoy the variety of rolls and food they offer.

The ladies greet the customers with a joyous, “hello” which could never go wrong. Customers have an option to either sit at the bar to greet and converse with the sushi chef or to sit at a table to have quality time with their company.

Although they do not offer draft beer, cool bottles of beer can never go wrong with sushi and rolls.

Give Toyo Sushi a try and customers will be coming back for more during happy hour with a big smile on their faces!

Japanese food in a friendly atmosphere.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Patrick Molloy’s!

Happy hour starts from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, many stores are in the holiday spirit at the Hermosa Beach Pier. While the stores are getting ready for the holiday, everyday is St. Patrick’s Day at Patrick Molloy’s.

Not only do they offer drinks from domestic to imported beer every day of the week, but also high end liquors and specialty drinks at half the price from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. It is like celebrating St. Patrick’s Day midday everyday.

They have happy hour for drinks and a variety of food. With the happy hour prices ranging from $2.50 to $7, the bill would be cheaper for a large group, than partying and celebrating at a bar without the happy in happy hour. People can leave Molloy’s with big smiles on their faces and happy stomachs with extra cash in their pockets.

With the extra cash and drink in their system, people can shop around, as Patrick Molloy’s is located in the heart of the pier. Drinkers can also hop from bar to bar, so they can mingle with different people while having cheap drinks and enjoying different types of food.

The pet-friendly pier also acquires a free petting entertainment of dogs parked outside the bars, while the owners drink away as they take advantage of the happy hour and events that occur every day of the week at Patrick Molloy’s.

Drive to Hermosa today to have thirst quenching drinks and delicious food!

Photos by Sera Kim

Patrick Molloy interior and atmosphere.

Video by Sera Kim

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